Innocence Lost

N decided to drive up here yesterday, mere hours after arriving back from Portugal.  While the fire is now 85% contained, his presence here meant that we could do some much needed tree de-limbing, since I’m not comfortable wielding our neighbor’s tree saw.  We’re not the only ones thinking that way, as a veritable symphony of chainsaws provided the background music for our work today.

While we were cutting down branches…

The dog was working hard in her own way.

This fire has forever changed the way I look at trees and forest fuel.  On my run today I was able to easily see the burned areas, and everywhere I looked I could see dead and downed trees, forest fuels just ripe for a fire.  So in as much as we work on our house and property, I fully realize that there is a lot more work to be done both by the city and the county.   In talking to my neighbor, a woman who has spent her entire life here, she admitted to panic attacks, something that she’d never had before.   I’ve been having them too, and the only positive thing about them is that it may help me lose a few pounds, assuming it doesn’t turn into an ulcer.

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