Fire Drama Diminishing

Happily the winds didn’t pick up to the scary wind advisory levels forecast today.  Thus there is very little to report on the fire itself, as evidenced by the Tahoe Daily Tribune’s current reporting on such topics as bears with burned paws and the anger (misdirected or not) at the TRPA.  The latter has been blamed for the fire, essentially for making it difficult for homeowners to remove trees from their property (to create defensible space) and recommending that flammable materials (bark chips and pine needles) be used to cover bare dirt in order to prevent erosion and sediment from ruining the clarity of Lake Tahoe.  While the joke may be on them right now (what with all the ash and burned debris that is no doubt sullying our pristine waters), I’m not sure if it’s fair to mark them as a scapegoat just yet.

I went so far as to unpack one bag (the one with my iPod and running shoes), but until I hear the magic words – 100% contained and controlled – I’ll leave the truck as is.  After all, I was a Girl Scout for 12 years, so that whole ‘Be Prepared’ motto is a hard one to shake.

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