The Drama of Tragedy

I decided to check out some mainstream media websites today to see how they are covering the Angora fire.  While our local papers seem to be doing a fairly good job of reporting the events without unnecessary drama, Fox News (what a surprise) is all breathlessness and exclamation points about the potential doomsday scenario about to unfold here.  To make it worse, they are relying on older news; today’s short online video, with the typical steely jawed reporter looking serious, focused more on yesterday’s slopover fire than on anything that’s happened today.  Which is perhaps because there’s no real drama to speak of today, as the predicted high winds mercifully didn’t show up.

It’s no wonder that someone contacted me in a panic about this fire after having seen Fox News.  From their reporting, it’s all really big and expensive homes that are at risk, and the whole place is about to explode into flame.  And that makes me angry, because far too many people in this country rely on this channel for its ‘news’.

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