Time to Get Outta Dodge

While I had intended to leave town tomorrow morning once the winds picked up, I decided to speed that up a bit when I heard that spot fires had jumped the line at Highway 89, thus encroaching upon homes.  While our house is still in no danger, new areas are being evacuated and that anxiety coupled with increased traffic coupled with the forecast high winds tomorrow firmly made the decision easy.

So I’m now in Gardnerville at my friend M’s.  The air is clear, my stomach has stopped flipping, and while I’m not sure what I’ll do after tomorrow or Thursday, I’m feeling a lot less stressed.

And that, after all, is the really important thing.

I’ll post more when I find out the news.  Thus far the areas of Gardner Mountain and Tallac Village (north of my office) have had mandatory evacuation, and the Tahoe Key’s were on voluntary evacuation.   Hopefully the hardworking firefighters will be able to keep it at bay, but the commander’s comments on tonight’s news indicated that once the winds get above 40 mph it’s hard for firefighters to compete with Mother Nature.

Staying positive though.

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