Lake Tahoe fire ongoing

The fast paced Angora fire that started and spread rapidly yesterday is still technically out of control, being only about 10% contained.  Luckily the winds have died down and the fire didn’t move last night, but the heavy smoke is now creating some visibility issues for planes and helicopters.

Thus far 220 structures have burned, and currently the Red Cross is setting up a center at the community college to let evacuees know the status of their homes.  From what I heard Norma Santiago, County Supervisor, say in a statement earlier this morning, the fire burned hot and fast, obliterating homes to the point that if it wasn’t left standing or partially standing, it’s difficult to confirm the actual address.

For those interested, there’s a good map that shows the fire area and the evacuation areas.  We’re a couple of miles east of there, so while the house isn’t in immediate danger, I’m staying close to the radio and computer today to see what progresses this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe fire ongoing

  1. My stepfather owns a place on Blue Lake Ave near the fishing ponds. Sounds like it has not gotten there yet. Do you know if that area has been evacuated as of yet?

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