Weekend Kitchen Improv

Spring is here, both in the weather and in the produce aisle.  In between gorging on strawberries (organic, natch) and corn, I’ve spent some time playing with other ingredients.  Thus far I’ve made

  • Spring rattatouille with canelli beans – eggplant, sweet onion, garlic, zucchini, red and orange peppers cooked up in la cocotte with some canelli beans for protein
  • Black ‘belouga’ lentil crostini – I found some black lentils at Trader Joe’s and wanted to do something other than lentil soup.  I found a similar recipe while searching online, and did a simpler rendition.   Simply toast some slices of baguette (the thinner the better), rub with garlic, top with spreadable goat cheese (I used a basil version found at a local Safeway) and then top with a spoonful of cooked lentils.  It looked like caviar, and while it lacked the salty taste, it still was flavorful enough for me to consider doing again this week (perhaps with the cheese and lentils on top of polenta cakes or pizza dough)
  • Polenta Breakfast Cakes – In an effort to use up the enormous batch of wild-mushroom polenta I made, I made N breakfast today that was simply grilled polenta cakes topped with scrambled eggs & jack cheese and salsa.  It was my way of encouraging him to finish up the house projects today (namely molding in the guest bedroom that was repainted 4 months ago).   I’ll see later today how well that worked.

I’m planning on trying marinated mushrooms and a red-pepper feta dip this week.  The latter was something I had with my mother at a fantastic tapas place in Hermosa Beach, and I’d like to recreate at home.  My ambitions always outdo the time available, however.

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