Fresh Crab and Fisher Price Cars

It was a fast and furious trip to Washington this weekend.  In the course of a little less than 3 days I managed to

  • Swim one crappy race – I don’t know where I was during the first part of my 50 yd breaststroke race, but I think I was channeling my internal flowered-swim-cap-wearing-80-year-old.  I picked it up for the end, but didn’t make up enough time to better previous races
  • Spend time with my brother & his family – They’ve been in Port Angeles for a few years now, but it took so long for me to recover from my sojourn to Laredo (their previous residence) that I was only now able to visit.  My nieces are adorable – the 3 year old only walks on tiptoe (and runs that way, a seeming contradiction of physics) and the 1 year old sees everything as a possible teething device.
  • See Olympic National Park – Well a part of it.  We took a short walk with the girls to Marymere Falls on Saturday, and it was as lush and green as I envisioned it.
  • Drive a Fisher-Price vehicle – So Ford won’t agree with me that its Focus hatchback is a toy car, but it didn’t feel ‘real’ to me at all.  With headlights on a dial, a bright blue color and lots of buttons, I felt like I should have a plastic blonde bob as I drove.
  • Eat fresh crab – Port Angeles is on the water, and home to a lot of great fresh fish.  I can’t remember the last time I had fresh crab (which is a definitively non-native species at Lake Tahoe).
  • Swim one good race – I was so annoyed by my poor performance on Friday that I drove back early from Port Angeles to redeem myself on the 50 yd free.  For this race I crowbarred my body into my full fastskin (a great description of the challenge of wearing one can be found at this pdf link), and it paid off with an improvement of close to a second.  I still got my butt kicked by all the former NCAA and Olympic stars however.
  • caught up with an old college friend – I hadn’t seen L. since we graduated in 1993, so this weekend seemed a perfect time to end the noncommunication.  She and her husband are very groovy vintage lovin’ folks, and it was nice to catch up at an uber-PNW Seattle vegetarian restaurant.

It was a nice escape from my quotidian life, and seeing how easy a flight it was (Southwest flies non-stop from Reno, so it’s the same time as a flight to L.A.), I’ll hopefully be back soon.

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