Living Large on North Shore

While it doesn’t happen all the time, every now and again I get the ‘hook up’ from someone in the industry.  This weekend it was the Honda Ski Tour at Squaw, thanks to my friend at Outside. Two VIP passes for me and a good friend (as N was slumming in San Diego) to enjoy the events (skier cross, half pipe), amenities and music.   J and I decided to make a weekend of it – I brought the truck so the dog wouldn’t broil in the unseasonably warm temperatures.  We spent Saturday morning enjoying the corn-y snow off Squaw’s south-ish aspects, and outside of getting stuck on KT-22 for 15 minutes (Squaw’s not sunk a whole lot of recent investment into its facilities, as evidenced by this mechanical issue), it was a glorious day for two tele-chicks (practically the only freeheelers on the mountain).

Evening highlights included the Icebreaker reception where we saw such ski icons as Jonny Moseley and Zach & Reggie Christ, and the VIP platform, where we saw the Wailers and G Love without having to jump to see past the tall guy ahead of us.  I’m not quite the hippy music lover that J is, but live music is such a rarity for me that it could have been Lawrence Welk and I’d have enjoyed it.

We left before George Clinton came on, but at that point I had danced so hard I could barely walk.  Good thing I quit then, for the skiing on Sunday was still great – though I missed the skier cross carnage during one of the final heats.

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