Marketing Savvy Girl Scouts

Many moons ago I was a Girl Scout, and spend my formative years selling cookies.  Our methods for selling them were traditional – door to door, booth sales, and occasionally my dad would let me send an order form to his office.  On average I think I managed maybe 200 boxes a year. I still have a few of the tote bags I received for selling over 150 boxes, which was the highest sales level you received a prize for at that time.

Cut to 2007.  An article in today’s NY Times shows me how unsophisticated I was compared to today’s Girl Scouts.  These girls are using email and social networking (think MySpace) – actual marketing techniques!! – to reach a wider net of customers, and high sellers are now in the 1,500 box range.  They have training and are far more business minded than I am now.

I think I need some Thin Mints, pronto.

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