Best. Day. Ever.

Despite nursing a flu-ish bug (a gift kindly given to me by N. before he departed on his whirlwind European business trip) that constricted my throat to 1/4 its normal size, I made the ostensibly sensible decision to ski for a few hours. Sierra was claiming on its website – in big RED letters – that it had received 2+ feet of new snow, and I felt duty called me to confirm that it was engaging in honest snow reporting.

It was. What they neglected to mention on the conditions page was that it was tremendously light and dry snow, which meant face shots and moments in the elusive ‘White Room’ that you hear of in Utah. Giggling while trying to breathe through the mouth in this sort of (waist-deep – in some cases deeper) snow can be dangerous. Choked to death by powder snow….now that would be an interesting epitaph.

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