Consistent Inconsistencies

View from Powderhouse

Hot, cold, hot, cold. That’s how the weather’s been of late. Spring pops in for a bit, teasing us with warm sunny days and the possibilities of corn snow, then, BAM, the sub-artic Ice Queen arrives, spreading single-digit chill throughout the land. It’s not that I hate the cold, but I have a hard time switching between seasons so rapidly.

The Ice Queen has left us (with joyfully ‘balmy’ 20 degree nighttime temps), and Spring appears to be returning briefly again. The bank thermometer read 66 degrees at noon today. Yet we were able to find powder on our morning lap up Luther Pass. Admittedly somewhat consolidated, but the untouched areas still sparkled in the early morning sunlight. Since it was a weekday, we were able to relax and enjoy the view of Lake Tahoe at the top. Views like this make the climb a whole lot more palatable.

Of course, rumors have it that Winter will return (sans the Ice Queen), with up to 4 feet of snow possible by next week.

Heh. I feel a cold coming on.

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