The Punter Factor

Today we went to Kirkwood, where we were surprised to see crowds that equalled the MLK holiday weekend. This was odd, since not that much snow had fallen. However, we had a good few runs before the punters started coming out in droves. And with these hordes comes great ‘punter moments’.

Some choice moments included witnessing the two people who fell off the traverse out to the Palisades at two separate times. The first guy just sort of tumbled to his right (maybe he was tired?), and the second poor soul spontaneously ejected from her skis after hitting one of the whoop-de-whoos at speed. My personal favorite was the obviously-in-waay-over-her-head beginner, who was literally paralyzed with fear on a traverse track that takes you away from the gentler groomed runs. I’m still not sure how she got there, and probably don’t want to know.

In addition, there were random punter occurrences, such as the gaggle of snowboarders plonked smack dab in the middle of a relatively untracked snowfield, the beginner snowboarders who feel the need to turn on long flat sections (into a skier, usually), the mathematically challenged singles who end up on a quad chairlift on their own, and the groups of skiers and boarders who choose to congregate right where the chairlift exits at the top. And for a grand finale, we saw two guys in a BMW SUV digging themselves out of the raised snow bank where they had parked, mistakenly thinking they were in a car ad.

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