Jake’s Virgin

Despite having spent 6+ years here backcountry skiing, I’ve never skied Jake’s Peak, situated just north of Emerald Bay. I finally consummated that one this weekend. N and I were guided up by our friend J, who lives on the North Shore. The trail begins just off Highway 89 by D.L. Bliss State Park, and climbs upward 2,000 some odd feet from there. Unlike any other mountain I’ve climbed around the basin, Jake’s appears to be directly over the lake, so you’re staring into the blue every time you look down.

While we had no real expectations for deep snow, the higher elevations were surprisingly nice in the places that weren’t uber wind-affected. Lower down, however, it was messy, and none of us would have won any beauty comps for our style.

The dog, however, did quite well porpoising effortlessly through the heaviest windcrust.

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