Truth in Marketing

Today N and I headed out to Kirkwood for our first powder day of the season. So we thought. The storm that moved in last night was upgraded at the 11th hour, with projected snowfall jumping from 1-3 inches to more like a foot. We anticipated wet snow, but not quite the 2+ feet at the base of the mountain that devoured our skis if we didn’t keep our speed up. On telemark skis, this kind of snow ain’t much fun, and coupled with a power outage in the valley that had us hanging out on a chair for longer than we wanted, we decided to call it a day.

Attempts to leave early were thwarted by road closures due to avalanche control. Since I can’t remember the Road Conditions number, I kept calling the Kirkwood snowphone, which was updated with regularity by Mr. Cohee, the CEO (and resort marketing go-to guy, apparently). While he was pretty honest about what was open (read: virtually nothing by noon, thanks to high winds and no visibility), he couldn’t help but crow about the light powder that Kirkwood had, and how everyone should get out there as soon as they could to experience that light snow once the roads opened. Um, ‘scuse me? In a relative sense, I guess it was – if you’re comparing it to say, an anvil.

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