Fast and Danger

I try to get out to ski on my lunch break a few times a week. With Heavenly 10 minutes from my office, it’s a nice respite from the computer screen and repetitive motions of typing. It’s always interesting to see who’s out there, and who (if anyone) you share a chairlift with.

Last week I shared a chair with one of those guys who calls himself an expert despite barely being able to stand upright on skis. He immediately began talking…about himself. Through his uninvited monologue I learned that he had fat skis like mine, but didn’t want to take them out until the snow got ‘better’. (Meanwhile, snow conditions here are fantastic mid-winter dry snow, thanks to the butt-cold temps) He then glances over and sees my bindings, which encourages him to talk about ‘telemarketing’ and how he didn’t think he’d like it because he likes to go really fast and ‘side to side’. I didn’t say anything, but when we got to the top I pushed off and skied off past him. Fast.

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